sludge &slops disposal by barges or trunks

Today, disposal of slops, cleaningwater and engine sludge became a central and important issue in modern ships operations and especially in tanker shipping. Our Services include:- Anti-Freeze disposal Batteries removal and authorised disposal Bilge Water Removal and Disposal Collection of Hazardous Waste from Ships at EGYPTIAN Ports Confined Space Man-Entry Dedicated Collection Vehicles Disposal of Water,Sludges Drilling Muds Drilling Waste Drummed & Packaged Waste Collections Gas Free Certifications Harbour Oil Removal Hazardous Waste Removal High Pressure Jetting Interceptor Cleaning & Maintenance Marine Oil Recycling Marine Slops Removal Off Specification Bunker Fuels Removal Oil & Chemical Spill Containment Oil Filters Oil Slop Collection Slops Removal Specialist Pumping Equipment for Difficult Access Liquid Waste Supply & Disposal of Containers & Solid Waste Tank Cleaning & Decontamination of Cargo Tank & Bilge Cleaning